National Gas mulls paying households to reduce heating

National Gas is reportedly considering offering payments to households in exchange for reducing heating usage to mitigate potential gas shortages

Big Zero Report 2023

Plans are reportedly being considered by National Gas, the owner of Britain’s primary transmission network, to offer payments to households in exchange for reducing their heating usage, should gas shortages become a threat.

ELN understands that households could be invited to volunteer to reduce their gas consumption and, in return, receive payments.

Although National Gas already implements such a scheme for major industrial consumers, extending it to households could be controversial given the vital role of gas in home heating and cooking.

Glenn Bryn-Jacobsen, Head of Energy Resilience for National Gas, said: “We could end up in a situation where households can effectively say, ‘I’ll turn down my heating by two degrees today and make that saving’.”

A spokesperson for National Gas said: “We are in the early stages of exploring whether a small-scale trial could look at the feasibility of the public turning their gas down slightly during times of reduced supply – voluntarily and in return for payment.

“No trial has been confirmed for this winter. We are in a better position this year in terms of gas supplies, but it’s important we look at a range of long-term options to bring down costs for consumers and balance supply and demand.”

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