What do the Public Charge Point Regulations mean for fleet managers?

The Government’s recently announced new electric vehicle (EV) Public Charge Point Regulations 2023 which are set to improve EV drivers’ charging experience as the industry enters the crucial mass adoption phase

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What are the Public Charge Point Regulations?

The Public Charge Point Regulations are the outcome of a government consultation on public EV charge points. They focus on four key areas:

  • making it easier to pay
  • opening up chargepoint data
  • using a single payment metric
  • ensuring a reliable network

The regulations come at a crucial point in the transition to EVs. It’s no longer just the early adopters who are making the switch. We’re in the mass adoption phase, where there’s a need to remove any obstacles and make the green transport transition as easy as possible for

What could this mean for you and your organisation?

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