Wednesday 27 September 2023

UK Government urged to create ‘local net zero charter’

UK Government urged to create ‘local net zero charter’

Ministers have been urged to establish a "local net zero charter".

This recommendation comes from a new report entitled "The Future is Local", which emphasises the importance of fostering collaboration between the UK Government, devolved governments, and regional, city and local authorities.

The proposed charter would serve as a formal partnership agreement, aimed at expediting the nation’s journey towards achieving net zero emissions.

Key objectives of this partnership include the acceleration of green job opportunities, skills development and the reinforcement of the UK’s global leadership in the net zero arena.

One aspect of this recommendation is the suggestion to incorporate net zero clauses and powers into new devolution deals.

This step aims to ensure active participation from regional and local governments in the collective effort to achieve net zero.

Moreover, the report underscores the need to prevent regional biases and to maintain public engagement.

To achieve this, it proposes the initiation of a net zero project in every region of England and each devolved nation.

Net zero tsar Chris Skidmore said: "Against a backdrop of wavering central government support, councils and regions are already leading the way on climate action, with many aiming to deliver net zero ahead of national targets.

"It's clear that if the central government won't step up, it should get out of the way and allow local and regional leaders to forge ahead with their positive vision to achieve local net zero in partnership with communities up and down the country.

"Unleashing their ambition is the most effective way to harness the economic and regional growth opportunities that net zero can unlock."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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