Net Hero Podcast – District heating much more than hot air?

I explore district heating and what it can do for cutting emissions with Rob Thornton an expert in underground energy

Big Zero Report 2023

Hot air! As we get towards autumn we need lots of it to keep our homes and workplaces warm. But could the real gamechanger be under our feet?

District Heating is a concept that goes back to the Romans and ancient Chinese, yet its main use has been the last century or so in America. We’ve all seen movies with steam coming out of street vents, in fact most apartments in US cities use communal heating.

But it’s never really caught on here and even in Europe, it’s confined to the nordics in the main. But now it’s being lauded again as a ‘new way to net zero’, so can it work to help us decarbonise heat? I speak to Rob Thornton who heads up the International District Energy Association, to talk hot air, pipes and community heat.

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