Monday 18 September 2023

UK steelmakers: ‘Green hydrogen could save 3,500 tonnes of carbon annually’

UK steelmakers: ‘Green hydrogen could save 3,500 tonnes of carbon annually’

Sheffield's steel industry is exploring a shift from natural gas to locally produced green hydrogen.

A government-funded study suggests this transition could lead to annual carbon dioxide emissions savings of up to 3,500 tonnes.

The ambitious project, led by energy company E.ON in collaboration with Chesterfield Special Cylinders, the University of Sheffield's Energy Institute and other regional partners, seeks to produce green hydrogen at the Blackburn Meadows renewable energy park.

This green hydrogen could serve as a cleaner and more sustainable fuel source for Sheffield's steelmakers and other energy-intensive industries.

Early stages of the project have shown strong interest from the steel industry and other sectors in finding cleaner alternatives to natural gas for industrial processes.

Switching to hydrogen as a fuel source could not only be economically viable but also sustainable over the long term, the study has found.

The project's findings indicate that such a transition could help maintain manufacturing performance and product quality while reducing carbon emissions by a significant 41.8% compared to using natural gas.

This potential reduction could result in annual savings of around 3,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions for the initial trial participants.

The project has secured £1 million in government funding, making it one of only two projects to receive such financial backing.

This funding will be instrumental in further exploring the commercial and engineering aspects of generating, transporting and using hydrogen, as well as developing a compelling commercial offer for industrial customers.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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