Microbes to “eat” fatbergs clogging UK water pipes

Yorkshire Water is set to deploy a new technology to tackle the issue of fatbergs obstructing the UK’s water pipes

Big Zero Report 2023

Yorkshire Water has partnered with Cobra Hydro to combat sewer blockages caused by fats, oils, and greases in York’s sewer system.

When these substances enter the sewer, they congeal, leading to blockages and potential pollution.

The ‘Bio Pop’ dosing blocks from Cobra Hydro are being used to dissolve these fats gradually.

These blocks release microbes and enzymes, helping break down fats in the sewer.

Yorkshire Water faces persistent challenges due to a high concentration of food businesses in York.

The partnership aims to protect the sewer network and prevent pollution.

The first dosing blocks will be installed in September, with monitoring for the next 12 months.

If successful, the project may expand to other towns and cities in the region.

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