Thursday 14 September 2023

Consumer advocate offers heat pump discount

Consumer advocate offers heat pump discount

Consumer advocacy organisation Which? has introduced an exclusive offer in collaboration with Octopus Energy aimed at assisting its members in reducing expenses related to low carbon and renewable technologies.

Under this arrangement, Which? members are eligible for a 5% reduction on the costs associated with heat pump and solar panel installations through Octopus Energy.

Which? said this limited-time offer, available until 15th December has the potential to result in savings, possibly up to £629 for solar panels or £407 for heat pumps.

The financial barrier associated with the initial investment required for low carbon technology adoption is a significant concern for many households.

Typically, heat pump installation expenses range from £3,000 to £8,000, while the cost of solar panel installation varies between £5,500 and £12,500, contingent upon the suitability of the individual home.

Research conducted by Which? indicates that cost is the primary deterrent for consumers considering the adoption of green heating and insulation solutions.

Approximately 56% of consumers express reservations due to cost concerns regarding low carbon heating options, such as heat pumps.

Additionally, 32% are apprehensive about the subsequent increase in operational expenses.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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