Brits put climate on ice as living costs soar

More than half of British people are too preoccupied with the rising cost of living to prioritise climate change concerns, according to a survey

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Nearly 52% of Britons find themselves more preoccupied with the escalating cost of living than with concerns about climate change.

That’s according to a recent Ipsos UK survey conducted in the first week of August and exclusively shared with The Telegraph.

The survey, which involved 1,000 respondents, highlighted that almost 51% of respondents expressed a desire to contribute more towards environmental efforts but cited financial constraints as a significant obstacle.

The polling also suggests nearly 55% of respondents believe that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s commitment to granting new oil and gas licences in the North Sea would reduce Britain’s reliance on foreign energy sources.

Nearly half of the participants (47%) also expressed optimism that this approach would have a positive impact on the nation’s economy.

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