Tesco introduces clear caps to boost milk bottle recycling

Tesco is introducing new clear caps on its own brand milk bottles, replacing the coloured plastic caps with clear alternatives on around 425 million bottles each year

Big Zero Report 2023

Tesco has announced a change in its packaging strategy for its own brand of milk.

The company is partnering with its suppliers to introduce a new clear cap design for its milk bottles, a move that is expected to positively impact the recycling process for these containers.

This change involves replacing the traditional coloured plastic caps, which are used on approximately 425 million milk bottles annually, with new transparent caps.

By making this shift, Tesco aims to streamline the recycling process by ensuring that the caps can be more efficiently repurposed for manufacturing new bottles.

This transition is anticipated to result in a reduction of plastic waste and contribute to the creation of a more sustainable packaging cycle.

James Waddy, the Category Director for Dairy at Tesco, has emphasised the significance of sustainable packaging and customer feedback.

James Waddy said: “We will continue to look for ways to improve the packaging of our products, and make it even easier for customers to recycle at home.”

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