£2.8m energy efficiency boost for Coventry homes

Coventry City Council has given the go-ahead for a £2.8 million grant to enhance energy efficiency in 150 homes, aiming to cut carbon and combat fuel poverty

Big Zero Report 2023

Coventry City Council is poised to greenlight a £2.8 million Homes Upgrade Grant to enhance energy efficiency in 150 homes within the city.

The initiative aims to retrofit energy-efficient measures for households with low incomes, low Energy Performance Certificate ratings, and lacking gas central heating.

The scheme is an extension of ongoing efforts to enhance energy efficiency in the city.

Already underway are projects targeting over 2,500 homes in various parts of Coventry,

Around 20.8% of households in Coventry are classified as fuel poor, struggling to afford proper heating.

Councillor David Welsh, Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities, said: “As a country we need to more, much more, to ensure that people can afford to heat their homes while ensuring homes are energy efficient.”

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