Jaguar Land Rover’s old car batteries to power UK grid

The used electric vehicle batteries will be repurposed to store excess power during off peak times and release it back into the grid when needed

Big Zero Report 2023

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has unveiled a plan to transform used electric vehicle (EV) batteries into a sizable energy storage system.

These batteries, which still possess 70% to 80% capacity after they no longer meet EV standards, are being repurposed for grid energy storage, the manufacturer has said.

The initiative aims to address the imbalance between electricity supply and demand during peak and off-peak periods.

By the end of this year, JLR plans to harness the potential of these reused batteries to provide enough energy to power 750 homes for a full day.

The ambitious project is predicted to contribute 7.5MWh of energy to the grid.

These batteries will be housed in containers situated across the Chelveston energy park in Northamptonshire.

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