Net Hero Podcast – The truth about emissions?

Time to talk what’s really clean on our roads, a brilliant podcast that will get you thinking!

Big Zero Report 2023

Now this is a tricky one, ask most people and you think that a diesel car is the most polluting thing on the road. And an EV has no emissions at all.

But is that the whole truth? Nick Molden runs Emissions Analytics an independent testing body, that measures not just tailpipe emissions but all the emissions coming from a car.

That includes the particles from tyres to the embodied carbon needed to make both an ICE car and an EV.

What I discover during our chat really changed my mind about how we see ‘clean transport’ and what we must do to get to the ultimate aim of net zero transport but at an affordable equitable level.

Maybe, the cult of the EV isn’t right and there are other answers too?

What do you think? Do listen in and let me know and let’s try to have a sensible debate, as I fear there are some very stubborn voices out there who  see the EV as the only panacea for clean transport! Keep subscribing!

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