Monday 14 August 2023

UK homes go green with record solar panel boom

UK homes go green with record solar panel boom

The UK is experiencing an uptick in the adoption of renewable energy technologies, with a 62% rise in heat pump and solar panel installations compared to the previous year.

Recent data from the official standards body for renewable technologies MCS, points to a growing embrace of energy-efficient solutions in British households.

In the first half of 2023, more than 120,000 certified installations of heat pumps, solar panels and other renewable technologies have been logged.

By 2035, the UK aims to attain a solar capacity of 70GW while concurrently targeting an annual installation of 600,000 heat pumps.

Findings from the MCS report show that monthly installations have surpassed 3,000 for the first time this year.

Battery storage installations are also in line with solar growth, with each month of 2023 surpassing previous records.

Over 1,000 battery installations have been integrated into UK homes and businesses this year.

MCS Chief Executive Officer Ian Rippin said: "As the cost of energy continues to grow, we are seeing more people turn to renewable technology to generate their own energy and heat at home."

Gareth Simkins, Senior Communications Adviser at Solar Energy UK, said: "In the spring, it was looking like we would have something like 215,000 MCS-certified solar installations this year. But that was clearly an underestimate - I would bet on around 250,000 now."

Bean Beanland, Director of External Affairs at the Heat Pump Federation, said: "Whilst there is much to celebrate, there is a tremendous job of work to do to ensure that heat pump technology becomes mainstream over the remainder of this decade."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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