Thursday 3 August 2023

UK’s £100bn clean energy investment boosts energy security

UK’s £100bn clean energy investment boosts energy security

Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps has highlighted the opportunities available for companies and communities as the UK continues to invest in renewable and clean technologies, aimed at strengthening national energy security.

During an industry roundtable held in Downing Street, representatives from energy firms across renewables, oil and gas and nuclear sectors unveiled projects worth up to £100 billion.

These projects are slated for construction across the UK over the next decade.

Various attendees at the roundtable shared their perspectives.

Tom Glover, RWE’s UK Country Chair, said: "We emphasised the need for more and regular engagement between government and industry, the continued commitment to net zero and the requirement for interim targets for the electricity sector."

Jon Butterworth, Chief Executive Officer of National Gas, said: "Gas is at the heart of the UK’s energy security.

"There were 260 days in 2022 where gas provided over 30% of the nation’s electricity, ensuring the lights were kept on, whilst also keeping our citizens warm and industries fuelled - protecting thousands of jobs and half a million businesses."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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