Thursday 3 August 2023

Own UK solar farms: Public share offers now available

Own UK solar farms: Public share offers now available

Five UK community energy groups have teamed up to offer shares in seven operational solar farms.

The newly-formed consortium, known as Community Energy Together (CET), aims to bring these solar farms under community ownership through public investment.

The solar farms, located in Shropshire, Kent, Devon, Isle of Wight, and Swansea, have a collective total capacity of 36MWp, sufficient to power around 12,750 homes and save an estimated 317,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide during their lifetimes.

Four of the Community Benefit Societies have already launched their share offers on 31st July, with the fifth, Gower Power in Swansea, expected to follow suit soon.

If successful, this move is predicted to significantly increase the capacity of community-owned solar energy in England and Wales by approximately 20%.

Moreover, the initiative is projected to generate a collective community benefit fund of around £20 million, which will be directed towards supporting local social and environmental projects.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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