Net Hero Podcast – Net Zero polarisation, will it scupper our future?

I speak to author Marc Cortez who isn’t a climate denier but finds his views on net zero criticised simply for wanting an open debate, have we become too polarised?

Big Zero Report 2023

Are you net zero enough? And if not does that make you a heretic?

That’s the question that is the subject of this podcast where I speak to Marc Cortez, green energy businessman and author. Net zero has become a mainstream topic lately and there seems to be a narrative that you need to do it now and only one way, that is electrify everything using renewable power.

Anyone with any other views, however helpful in cutting emissions, is branded a fossil fuel/nuclear/hydrogen empathiser and worse. So why are we now in a world particularly in social media, where even if we have the same goal, there is such division in the net zero narrative?

Marc and I debate this and I am sure some reading this and listening in, will not agree with what’s said, however I think it’s a debate, a reasoned debate, we need to have, so please listen in!

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