Tuesday 1 August 2023

UK launches new taskforce to strengthen nuclear skills

UK launches new taskforce to strengthen nuclear skills

The government has unveiled a new Nuclear Skills Taskforce aimed at bolstering the nation's nuclear workforce and meeting growth opportunities in the defence and civil nuclear sectors.

The taskforce will be chaired by Sir Simon Bollom, former Chief Executive Officer of Defence Equipment and Support and will focus on developing a skills strategy to support the expansion expected in various roles within the nuclear industry.

The new body will collaborate with the Ministry of Defence and the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero to develop a comprehensive skills strategy.

Minister for Nuclear, Andrew Bowie, highlighted the significance of the UK's nuclear revival, symbolised by the launch of Great British Nuclear (GBN).

Mr Bowie said: "The UK’s nuclear revival, with the launch of GBN, will put us centre-stage in the global race to unleash a new generation of nuclear technology.

"The Nuclear Skills Taskforce will support this expansion by securing the skills and workforce we need to deliver this, opening up exciting opportunities and careers to help bolster our energy security."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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