Aircraft developer refurbishes facilities for green takeoff

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions has refurbished its facilities to support hydrogen powered aircrafts

Big Zero Report 2023

Sustainable aircraft developer Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS) has unveiled a newly refurbished hanger and R&D facility to support the maintenance of hydrogen aircraft.

CAeS is currently developing hydrogen propulsion systems for aircraft manufacturer, Britten-Norman.

The company said that the changed facilities are expected to significantly reduce the building’s carbon footprint.

Paul Hutton, Chief Executive Officer of CAeS said: “This modernised hangar becomes a classroom of possibilities, where we will not only deliver the intricacies of zero emissions propulsion but also pioneer maintenance procedures for hydrogen-powered aircraft.

“Our engineers and technologists, fuelled by curiosity and a passion for sustainability, stand ready to lead the charge at the most exciting stage of our growth yet.”

CAeS hopes to deliver the first zero-emissions passenger aircraft by 2026.

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