Construction on new solar project in Bulgaria set to commence soon

Energy company, Rezolv Energy, will begin construction on new solar project in Bulgaria

Big Zero Report 2023

Renewable energy producer, Rezolv Energy, will begin construction shortly on its newly acquired solar project, named St George, in North-Eastern Bulgaria.

The project will comprise nearly 400,000 solar panels.

With an average annual power generation of 313GWh, Rezolv Energy believes the site will produce the equivalent of 13% of Bulgaria’s currently-installed solar power.

The company hopes the project will create jobs for the local community, in both its construction phase and for its operations.

Alastair Hammond, Chief Operating Officer, Rezolv Energy, said: “Solar will make up almost 13% of Bulgaria’s total installed capacity this year, and estimates suggest that close to 6GW of solar power will be generated by 2030.

“We are very proud that St George will be such a major part of that growth story. It will help Bulgaria meet its renewable energy targets and contribute to its energy independence.

“Crucially, for the business sector, it will also enable us to provide highly competitive, subsidy-free clean power at a stable price for industrial and commercial users right across the country.”

The project is expected to be completed by 2025.

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