New renewable energy projects will spark up in Turkey

TotalEnergies’ new partnership aims to pave the way for new renewable energy projects in Turkey

Big Zero Report 2023

Energy company TotalEnergies has partnered with Turkish contracting and construction company Rönesans Holding to develop new renewable energy projects in Turkey.

The companies hope to become central players in Turkey’s growing renewables market.

The energy generated by the sites owned by the two companies will be marketed by selling it directly on the electricity market or by entering into power purchase agreements (PPAs) with end-buyers.

Stéphane Michel, President of Gas, Renewables and Power for TotalEnergies said: “We are delighted to join forces with Rönesans, which has developed a diversified portfolio of assets including wind, hydro and solar power.

“Given the outlook for the Turkish market and the quality of the renewable sites in the country, we are convinced that this new partnership will be a further step towards our goal of developing our Integrated Power activity profitably.”

The companies aim to produce 2GW of renewable energy by 2028.

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