Juliet Davenport says we need brave leaders but business is gaining momentum

I spoke to Juliet Davenport the founder of Good Energy on the state of net zero at present

Big Zero Report 2023


Businesses are brilliant for driving change says Juliet Davenport despite the turgid state of net zero.

Speaking at last month’s Big Zero Show, she told me while other issues were perhaps making net zero less of a political issue, there was still lots of good stuff going on.

She said: “It feels a little chaotic, it feels like we’re bowling along. We’ve got other crisis like the cost of living crisis.

“We need relatively brave leadership. We’ve got what feels like sensible leadership now, it’s not awful but it’s not brave.

“But I think things are still happening. My feeling with a lot of the companies I’m working with, is actually we’re gaining momentum, for example Crown Estate.

“It’s doing a lot on sustainability across the whole portfolio. And that’s really exciting for me, where in organisations thinking about climate change was in a small part is now across the whole business. ”

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