Plymouth courts and theatre to be heated by district heat network

Plymouth is set to heat up its courts and theatre by expanding its district heat network

Big Zero Report 2023

Plymouth’s district heat network will be expanded to include the Plymouth Combined Courts and the well-known Theatre Royal.

The expansion aligns with the Civic District Energy Scheme, a project currently under construction.

The scheme aims to provide low carbon resources for heating and partial power to various buildings around the Civic Square.

By utilising air source heat pumps and solar panels, the scheme aims to reduce dependence on gas and contribute to the renewable electricity demand.

Councillor Tom Briars-Delve, Cabinet Member for the Environment and Climate Change, said: “By heating not only council-run buildings, but also nearby developments, we can set an example for the successful use of viable alternatives to fossil fuels and encourage partners and even some residents to make the changes needed for a more sustainable future.”

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