UK energy customers want lower bills for renewables

Nearly 80% of energy savers prioritise cost reduction, reveals study

Big Zero Report 2023

More than half of UK billpayers (56%) believe that energy bills should be reduced for individuals who use renewable energy sources or engage in energy conservation practices.

According to new research conducted by strategic research and insights agency Opinium, the primary motivation for conserving energy at home is to reduce costs, with 80% of participants stating this as their main reason.

Additionally, a third of respondents (35%) indicated that saving money was more important to them than prioritising sustainability.

Notably, 39% of those who took steps to reduce energy consumption reported saving an average of £65.50 over a six-month period.

Among the common energy-saving measures adopted by participants are boiling only the necessary amount of water in their kettle (80%), unplugging electronics when not in use (71%), setting the thermostat lower than usual for the time of year (66%), and reducing shower time (57%).

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