Diesel-to-battery conversion activates 100MWh of clean energy storage

Pulse Clean Energy and Habitat Energy have transformed four UK diesel sites into grid-scale battery storage

Big Zero Report 2023

Pulse Clean Energy and Habitat Energy have converted four sites in the UK from diesel to battery storage, resulting in a total of 100MWh of clean energy storage capacity.

The four sites, located in South Wales, Warwickshire and the North East of England, have been transformed into grid-scale battery storage and energy optimisation assets.

The diesel-to-battery conversion programme aims to repurpose existing assets and maximise the utilisation of renewable energy.

This approach not only repurposes previously used diesel sites but also contributes to improving grid stability and security.

Jon Doughty, UK Managing Director of Habitat Energy said: “The UK’ energy system is rapidly evolving and battery storage is absolutely critical to the success of that evolution.”

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