UK sets course for net zero in UK’s maritime sector

The newly formed Maritime Council held its inaugural meeting to discuss the implementation of the government’s maritime 2050 strategy

Big Zero Report 2023

The Maritime Council recently convened to discuss the government’s maritime 2050 strategy, with a focus on job creation, trade enhancement and emission reduction.

Led by Transport Secretary Mark Harper, the council aims to implement the strategy’s recommendations and align government and industry priorities.

The goal is to bolster the maritime sector’s vital role in the UK’s economic growth while advancing towards a net zero future.

Collaboration, clean growth, and technological advancements will be key areas of emphasis for the council.

During his opening address to the council, Transport Secretary Mark Harper said: “Not only will this help deliver the Prime Minister’s immediate priority of growing the economy, it’ll also deliver on our environmental ambitions by decarbonising its operations – arguably maritime’s biggest transformation since sail gave way to steam.”

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