Wednesday 7 June 2023

‘UK’s largest’ green hydrogen facility planned for Humber

‘UK’s largest’ green hydrogen facility planned for Humber

Developer Meld Energy has announced its proposal to construct what is described as the UK's largest green hydrogen production facility.

The £180 million investment will be directed towards Saltend Chemicals Park in Hull, with hopes to accelerate the region's transition to a greener future.

If approved, the facility will boast an initial capacity of 100MW, with the potential to double its production in the future.

The technology behind the project involves electrolysis, where water is split into its elemental components using renewable electricity, resulting in the production of green hydrogen.

Saltend Chemicals Park has been identified as an ideal location for this green hydrogen facility - the hydrogen produced will be utilised on-site.

Meld Energy is actively bidding for support from the UK's Net Zero Hydrogen Fund. If successful, Front End Engineering Design (FEED) is expected to commence in November 2023, coinciding with the planning application process.

Construction is expected to begin within a year, targetting full operation by early 2027.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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