More than 1,500 climate protestors arrested in the Netherlands

The Extinction Rebellion members were calling for an end to financing fossil fuel subsidies, blocking the A12 motorway in The Hague

Big Zero Report 2023

Extinction Rebellion protestors have been apprehended in the Netherlands for blocking a major road in The Hague.

The 1,579 people who refused to leave the A12 motorway after walking into the road and forming a blockade were taken away by police.

The campaigners were calling for an end to financing fossil fuel subsidies and were met with a water cannon after 15 minutes of disruption.

Police stated the activists were given a chance to leave before using the cannons.

Out of the 1,500 arrested, only 40 will be prosecuted, the authorities have revealed, with the main reason for large arrests being to end the blockade.

Protesting on the A12 is not allowed due to new laws brought in by the mayor, however, this demonstration represents the seventh on the road by Extinction Rebellion.

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