What speed charger do I need for my EV fleet?

When it comes to EV fleet charging, faster’s not always better

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The fastest charging speeds will play an important part in the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs), but they’ll be part of a broader mix.

That’s because ‘rapid’ – and the fastest ‘fast’ – chargers aren’t always the most appropriate, or most cost-effective, choice. Different organisations will have different needs, and they’ll need a range of chargers to meet them.

The need for speed

The two categories of charger above – ‘rapid’ and ‘fast’ – relate to charging speed and are the ones most commonly available to organisations. We base the measurement of charging speed (in kilowatts – kW) on the power charge stations can discharge. (‘Slow’ charging points are effectively little more than plug sockets, and not
something we’d ever recommend for fleet use.)

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