Why EV range anxiety could soon be a thing of the past

When we ask fleet managers why their organisations haven’t yet made the switch to electric vehicles (EVs), many tell us they’re anxious about range

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However, while acknowledging the concern, Drax believe ‘range anxiety’ is now much less of an issue. Advances in technology, rapidly falling costs and far greater levels of investment are all contributing to this change in mindset – right across the EV market.

Existing specialists such as Tesla, and relative newcomers including Polestar, are making huge strides when it comes to range. We’re also seeing an almost constant stream of new EV models from traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle manufacturers. So as newer models and versions appear, the distance they can travel without recharging increases. These factors ensure that fleet managers and drivers alike have the widest ever choice – and the least to worry about in terms of range.

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