Monday 15 May 2023

Met Office warns 35°C heatwave ‘more than likely’

Met Office warns 35°C heatwave ‘more than likely’

The UK will likely witness a 35°C heatwave this summer, with incoming hot weather from Africa exacerbated by climate change.

That’s according to the Met Office, which has said there is a “greater than normal chance” of a very hot summer, following record temperatures of upwards of 40°C in 2022.

These sky-high temperatures saw the Met Office issue its first ever red warning for extreme heat.

Professor Stephen Belcher from the Met Office explained: “If we continue under a high emissions scenario, we could see conditions like this every three years. We’re already committed to a level of warming and these extremes will get more extreme in future.”

The incoming heatwave will see hot air masses brought over from the Sahara Desert, coupled with the predicted El Niño weather event, which will bring warmer than average ocean temperatures.

Meteorologist from the Met Office Honor Criswick added: “So far for May, there is a higher than normal chance of warmer temperatures, however near average or cool conditions remain possible. Looking ahead into June and July, the chance of it being hot is higher than normal however near average temperatures remains the most likely outcome.

“There is also a greater than normal chance of impacts from hot weather such as heatwaves. The increased chance of warm conditions through the period is consistent with our warming climate.”

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Bruna Pinhoni

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