Tuesday 25 April 2023

Strategy launched to make nuclear waste disposal safer

Strategy launched to make nuclear waste disposal safer

Nuclear Waste Services (NWS) has launched a new strategy, focusing on the safe disposal of nuclear waste.

Nuclear now provides close to 15% of the UK’s electricity, with this expected to grow.

The NWS will ensure waste is taken to appropriate facilities and managed in the most sustainable way – with new technology development on the horizon to help push these changes forward.

Thermal treatment technologies will be proven by 2027 at the latest through the new strategy.

NWS Chair Adrienne Kelbie said: “This strategy sets our direction, objectives, key milestones and the transformation needed to succeed by 2030.

“Our strategic objectives are focused on ensuring all our operations are safe and secure and the right waste is in the right place, accelerating decommissioning, and adding value for the UK.”

David Peattie, CEO of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, added: “Managing waste is fundamental to our decommissioning mission and the creation of a single, waste focused organisation has been an important part of reshaping the group to deliver our commitments.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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