Monday 24 April 2023

Net zero fuels derail UK train services

Net zero fuels derail UK train services

Green fuels have been blamed for the disruption of rail services to London, nearly cutting off Salisbury and Exeter.

According to reports, due to clogged fuel filters caused by algae growth from biofuels, South Western Railway (SWR) has been forced to operate on a reduced timetable.

The use of biofuels, including biodiesel, has been implemented to reduce carbon emissions and move towards net zero.

It is believed about 30 out of SWR's 1,700 carriages have been affected by the issue, leading to the trains being removed from service for inspection and maintenance.

A spokesperson for SWR told ELN: "An issue with biofuel has caused blockages in the fuel filters on a small number of our trains, which has reduced their power and performance.

"Those trains have been withdrawn for inspections and maintenance and we’re now investigating the root cause of the problem.

"As a result, we have had to temporarily reduce the number of services west of Basingstoke and in the Romsey area.

"Journey planners are being updated and we are advising customers to check before travelling, on the day of travel."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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