Net Hero Podcast – Does renewable now mean energy?

I talk to the boss of the REA, Nina Skorupska, about the place of renewable energy in society now

Big Zero Report 2023

Has it come?

The time to say energy equals renewable?

With huge investment continuing and more that 40% of our energy now from renewable sources, should we be talking about energy as green? Our nation and many across the planet, have made huge strides in cutting down on fossil fuels but they are still globally the biggest source of power for now, though are those days numbered?

That’s the conversation I had with Nina Skorupska the CEO of the REA or for it’s full title The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology, who presented the case for why we need to invest more in greener sources and broke a few green myths!

Oh and listen out for a lovely line about net zero omelettes, best quote in ages!

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