‘Net zero aviation will see ticket prices fly’

Despite this, the industry still expects the number of people flying to rise by 250m by 2050

Big Zero Report 2023

Cutting the carbon emissions of taking a flight could see passengers’ ticket prices go up.

That’s according to the aviation industry, which claims that changes such as implementing sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) will be more costly to the sector and therefore to travellers.

Sustainable Aviation, which represents various airlines and airports in the UK, has revealed that SAF will be used in at least three quarters of British flights by 2050.

It is also expecting the number of people flying to still rise by 250 million by this date, despite the increase in prices.

Its report also intimates that carbon offsetting schemes will lead to an uptick in costs.

Matt Gorman, Chair, Sustainable Aviation, said: “The US and Europe are surging forwards in the race to create new industries in sustainable aviation fuels and technology. The UK has all the natural advantages to be able to join them – but we need to move quickly.

“An agreed mandate for SAF as soon as possible and a price support mechanism are key policy areas where we can act now to gain a share of the huge prize of making Britain the natural home of net zero aviation.”

Transport Secretary Mark Harper responded: “This government is a determined partner to the aviation industry – helping accelerate new technology and fuels, modernise their operations and work internationally to remove barriers to progress.

“Together, we can set aviation up for success, continue harnessing its huge social and economic benefits and ensure it remains a core part of the UK’s sustainable economic future.”

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