British Army’s shift to electric Land Rovers

Four military Land Rovers are being converted to run on electric batteries rather than diesel

Big Zero Report 2023

Babcock and Electrogenic have been enlisted by the British Army to electrify four military Land Rovers.

These vehicles are in-service currently for the military and will be taken off diesel and moved to a modified battery system.

The pilot is part of a test to see the durability of electric vehicles (EVs) in military situations and exercises.

The EVs will be tested on steep terrain, different climate conditions and battlefield scenarios.

Corporal Bryan Munce from the Armoured Trials and Development Unit is in charge of the testing, stating: “Mobility performance, exportable power, signature and cost reduction are just some of the considerations we will explore while partnering with Electrogenic and Babcock.

“In understanding what could enable our forces, it also informs the Ministry of Defence of potential threats to be cognisant of, to enhance our strategic approach.”

Babcock’s Chris Spicer added: “This is a great opportunity to investigate alternative engine technology, which will enable the British Army to extend the life of its Land Rovers as diesel becomes obsolete.

“I’m excited to see how the converted Land Rovers perform in a test environment against diesel and hybrid equivalents.”

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