Heating up: Heat pump sales in Europe surge by 40%

After years of similar growth patterns, heat pump sales surpassed those of gas furnaces in the US last year, according to the International Energy Agency

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The sale of heat pumps in Europe saw a significant increase of almost 40% in 2022, with nearly three million units sold.

That’s according to the latest report by the International Energy Agency (IEA), which attributes this trend to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – the war caused a rise in natural gas and electricity prices and led consumers to turn to more efficient heating alternatives.

Italy, France and Germany accounted for nearly half of all European sales – in France, heat pumps surpassed fossil fuel boilers in building sales for the first time in 2022, aligning with the country’s new ban on gas boilers in new buildings.

The IEA report also states that in the US, heat pump sales overtook gas furnace sales, after years of almost equal growth.

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