Domino’s launches low carbon store in West London

All deliveries will be made by e-bikes, heat pumps will be used instead of gas boilers and it will run on 100% renewable energy

Big Zero Show 2023

Domino’s has opened a low carbon store on Kings Street.

The pizza place will have all deliveries made by e-bikes, use heat pumps instead of gas boilers and run on 100% renewable energy.

The company has committed to net zero by 2050 and hopes that the store will become a blueprint for future developments.

Additional sustainable features include automatic door closures in cold rooms to prevent energy wastage and thermal curtains for heat.

CEO, Elias Diaz Sese, said: “I am excited to see us putting our strategy into action with our first low carbon store; helping us to deliver delicious, great value pizza to our customers in West London at a reduced carbon impact and with our impressive new e-bike fleet. This is a brilliant blueprint for the future and we’re looking forward to opening more stores like this one.”

Graham Stuart, Minister for Energy Security and Net Zero, added: “It’s great to see more and more businesses getting a slice of the action and moving towards more environmentally friendly practices, proving that going green isn’t just good for the planet – but makes good business sense too.”

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