Friday 24 March 2023

Lord Deben says people can’t morally oppose wind farms

Lord Deben says people can’t morally oppose wind farms

To oppose the construction of windfarms is not “an acceptable moral position.”

That’s according to the Chairman of the UK's independent Committee on Climate Change, Lord Deben, who stated that local communities cannot take the position of being “in favour of things but somewhere else.”

To ensure net zero targets are met, everyone must play their part and be on board with the necessary technologies, he said.

This comes after objections from locals to ongoing wind farm applications in Wales – with some members of the public displeased at the visual impact these large facilities could have on scenery.

Lord Deben does not believe communities can shirk from their responsibilities; in helping the nation reach net zero.

He said: “I think every community has to say to itself, if we don't have this what are we going to have?”

Currently, 10 areas have been identified in Wales for possible wind farms but planning permission has not yet been granted.

A spokesperson from the Welsh government said: “We need a range of technologies, at different scales, to meet our future electricity needs as we move towards a net zero energy system. Wind and solar are cost-effective options to generate electricity and have a clear role to play.

“We want to ensure local communities and people in Wales directly benefit from energy generated in Wales. We are taking action to support local and shared ownership and developing strong, local supply chains.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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