Thursday 23 March 2023

‘Demolition of Glasgow flats will lead to huge carbon emissions’

‘Demolition of Glasgow flats will lead to huge carbon emissions’

Demolishing four tower blocks in Glasgow instead of refurbishing them will lead to 47,000 carbon emissions.

That’s the claim of Scottish architect Malcolm Fraser, in reference to the Wyndford flats in Maryhill, which are set to be demolished.

The architect has come up with a plan to retrofit the flats, as opposed to knocking them down – as the reason for their demolition is they’re not longer deemed fit for purpose.

Mr Fraser explained: “All the energy and effort which went into making these buildings, that’s what makes carbon. Knocking it down loses that. If you try and recycle it, grind it up and make it into something else, you lose all that benefit. It’s making useful, adaptable homes here. We need to keep it at that.”

The embodied carbon within the block is estimated to provide enough energy to power 5.7 billion mobile phones.

Mr Fraser is acting on behalf of a local residents group who would rather see the flats refurbished – with the demolition and rebuild also requiring a £73 million investment.

Wyndford flats manager, Wheatley Homes Glasgow, stated: “A structural engineer report found the four blocks cannot be safely reconfigured, as cutting through the thick concrete walls would compromise their structural integrity and stability.

“A separate architectural study declared the blocks not fit for purpose. That all adds up to a very clear and compelling case for demolition.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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