Net Hero Podcast – Nuclear energy sustainable? Discuss!

I ask nuclear expert and advocate, Caroline Longman to justify why the chancellor has given nuclear the status of ‘sustainable’ energy – is it really so?

Big Zero Report 2023

Yep it was a shocker. Jezza Hunt the Chancellor produced one of the moments of all time when in the budget last week he recategorised nuclear energy as ‘sustainable’.

Two clear reactions – great news says the nuclear lobby and about time. Capitulation to lobbying says the renewable energy industry, who can’t believe it’s happened.

I’ve said nuclear has a role to play and will offer huge long term low carbon power but is this the right way to go about it and what does this classification mean?

I’m joined by Caroline Longman, who was the very first guest on episode 1, she now runs consultancy company Equilibrion and believes that nuclear energy can make net zero closer. Listen to our chat now.



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