Wednesday 15 March 2023

Net Hero Podcast – Drive me home…fairly!

Net Hero Podcast – Drive me home…fairly!

The EV revolution is upon us, every new model these days seems to be an EV and all the major manufacturers are on board.

This week Octopus announced a deal with specialist EV maker BYD to offer their cars as part of the leasing scheme, so it appears change is happening but is it equitable?

Will this revolution only be for the rich? EVs are very expensive and even though second hand ones are now appearing on the market it's still a long way from being as affordable as a ICE car. Secondly with all the data and apps out there can EVs really offer an alternative in developing nations where infrastructure of IT and electricity is much more rudimentary?

This equitable EV era is what I discuss with Bhaskar Deol the CEO of eDRV, a software company trying to do for EVs what the iphone did with apps, listen in to find out more...

Finally keep on listening 16,000 downloads, wow thanks so much! If you think you have a story to feature on the podcast drop me a line.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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