Friday 10 March 2023

Norfolk County Council commits to net zero by 2030

Norfolk County Council commits to net zero by 2030

Norfolk County Council has committed to achieving net zero on its estate by 2030, with a committee currently reviewing its strategy.

The council has stated it has reduced its own emissions from buildings, streetlights and vehicles by half over the past five years. The strategy aims to maintain this progress, with a commitment to further reduce these emissions by 90% from 2016 levels by 2030, with any remaining emissions being offset.

Councillor James Bensley, Chair of the committee reviewing the strategy, commented: “I am pleased that we will be reviewing a strategy that outlines firm, ambitious targets to reduce emissions and a coherent approach to adapting to changing weather patterns. The threat of climate change is real and we must take action now to safeguard Norfolk’s future.”

Aside from direct emissions, the strategy includes measures to promote low carbon transport options, develop the skills needed for the green economy and encourage sustainable tourism.

“There are also huge opportunities for Norfolk. Our offshore energy industry will create skilled, year-round jobs while reducing emissions and making the whole country’s energy supply more secure,” Mr Bensley added.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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