Volvo’s EVs and hybrids make up 40% of all sales

Three times more EVs were sold last month than the same time last year, the company revealed

Big Zero Report 2023

Volvo’s sales of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids for the year so far make up 40% of its total.

Having sold 20,678 plug-ins last month – almost 50% more than the same time last year – the company is on a trajectory to break its previous record for electric sales.

Around 10,000 pure EVs attributed to these sales, which is three times more than last year.

The carmaker has explained that recently EVs have started to compete with hybrids in popularity, which could symbolise a switch in the coming years to bolster the electric market.

In 2023, the Swedish firm has sold more than 17,000 EVs, which is 170% more than last year.

In terms of joint hybrid and EV sales, Volvo made more than 205,000 sales last year, representing a third of all sales. This year, it’s predicting that this could rise to more than 250,000 or possibly 300,000 if the current growth rate continues.

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