Tuesday 7 March 2023

‘Net zero hub for education needed’

‘Net zero hub for education needed’

The government needs to build a ‘Net Zero Resource Hub’ to help SMEs cut carbon and achieve the green milestone.

That’s according to Amazon and sustainability certification company Planet Mark – which have both released a joint report, outlining the changes needed to kickstart net zero.

The hub in question would be at the epicentre of a nationwide campaign to give smaller businesses an understanding of the critical role they play in the 2050 target being a success.

Providing more information on green policy would help push the 4.5 million SMEs that don’t have net zero targets in place in the UK to start setting them, the report claims.

More than 40 SMEs were involved in the research, with the majority stating the two main barriers to net zero were a lack of finance and education on the subject.

John Boumphrey from Amazon said: “With Planet Mark we want to help small and medium-sized enterprises overcome and understand some of the barriers they face in their net zero journeys, including better access to information and a clearer roadmap for progress.”

Planet Mark’s Steve Malkin added: “There are nearly six million SMEs in the UK, making up 99% of all businesses. To reach net zero by 2050 and limit global warming to 1.5°C, it is critical that small businesses are committed to climate action and taking bold steps to reduce their emissions.

“We have long been calling for the UK government to ensure that SMEs, which are the backbone of our economy, are given the tools to prepare for net zero today, so they aren’t left behind in the years ahead.”

A government spokesperson responded: “Our UK Business Climate Hub already provides businesses with a suite of tools for measuring, reducing and reporting on their emissions. We’re also offering financial support for energy bills, financing schemes and tax incentives for energy efficiency investments.

“Over 3,700 SMEs have already set a net zero target by making the SME Climate Commitment and joining the UN’s Race to Zero campaign.”

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Bruna Pinhoni

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