Monday 6 March 2023

How long can your booze last?

How long can your booze last?

What’s your drink of choice? Well, depending on what it is you might have to drink up quicker than expected.

To raise awareness on alcohol waste, The Mixer has revealed how long drinks can last after being opened.

Unsurprisingly, vodka and gin are the last ones standing – surviving up to 20 years after the first drink.

Whiskey and rum’s expiry dates may come as a surprise, however, only lasting up to 6 months before going bad.

The ‘Don’t Waste A Drop’ campaign has been launched by The Mixer to have people think about the carbon cost of pouring drinks down the drain before they need to.

Sparkling wine has the shortest life after opening – between one and five days – with red and white wine lasting a few days more if kept in the fridge.

Vermouth and Aperol can last up to three months in the fridge, with Irish cream liqueur surviving for double that.

Brandy and tequila come second to vodka and gin; keeping for up to two years.

Anna-Bet Stemmet, who worked on the report, said: “The key to making the most of the alcohol in your house is understanding its shelf life. Once a bottle is opened, the shelf life immediately kicks in, because the contents come into contact with oxygen, which eventually makes it go bad.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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