Research ship has £5.5m switch to hydrogen

This will see its its carbon emissions quashed by 60%

Net Hero Podcast

A research vessel used by British scientists is having its carbon emissions quashed by 60%, after being retrofitted to run on hydrogen.

Bangor University’s Prince Madog is having £5.5 million spent on it over the next two years so it can run on a hydrogen electric system.

This will be combined with a diesel-fuelled main engine, with the University stating that this will see zero-emissions when its travelling at slow speeds and a 60% reduction when running normally.

OS Energy is leading the conversion of Prince Madog, with funding coming from the Department for Transport.

Anglesey Council’s Nicola Roberts said: “We are delighted to see that this innovative project will enable the Prince Madog research ship to be powered by hydrogen, thus reducing carbon emissions and developing a cleaner energy solution for the shipping industry.”

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