BMW proves hydrogen cars could be the future

Its new iX5 Hydrogen has a 313-mile range and could be the next example of the green gas on our roads

Big Zero Report 2023

With the iX5 Hydrogen, BMW has looked to show there is a future for hydrogen-powered cars.

The carmaker is building 100 proof-to-concept examples of its new hydrogen car at its plant in Munich, Germany.

BMW’s executives have revealed the aim is eventually for hydrogen fuel cell versions of its cars to be sold alongside regular battery electric vehicles (EVs).

Its hydrogen engine used in the iX5 allegedly has a 313-mile range, however, there have been worries raised about its use, with refuelling stations across Europe very difficult to come by.

The automaker is looking to get ahead of the trend, developing its hydrogen technologies for the market before the market is necessarily in place.

It believes that a robust hydrogen refuelling infrastructure will be in place before too long, in a similar vein to standard EV charging hubs.

Currently, Japan leads the way with hydrogen refuelling stations – having more than 160 and aiming for 1,000 – and BMW says that it would be almost interchangeable with a regular EV if this was the case in Europe.

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