King Charles writes climate book for kids

The co-authored book is set to be published by Ladybird next month

Net Hero Podcast

King Charles has co-written a book for children focussed on the impacts of climate change.

Set to be published by Ladybird next month, the book is simply named ‘Climate Change,’ outlining the impacts the planet could face in the coming years to the next generation.

The King has written the book alongside Natural England Chair, Tony Juniper, who said: “I think [Charles] been struck by the level of energy and passion shown by young people on these subjects and was keen to put something into their hands which was about those basic facts and figures, basic ideas but also with his personal message in there.”

A launch of the book was held at Buckingham Palace, with indigenous people and those directly involved in climate change and climate action present.

An indigenous leader from the Amazon, Domingo Peas, explained: “We want the King to be an intermediary for our people with the other countries.”

The King has been a constant figurehead in climate change, giving a speech at both COP26 and COP27 – as well as making changes to his own lifestyle to quash his emissions.

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