UK heat pumps say cheese

A dairy company in Leicestershire has been awarded a share of £12m in the latest government funding targeted to energy-intensive industries

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Businesses across the UK are set to benefit from a share of more than £12 million in government funding.

The new cash boost is expected to help energy-intensive industries such as steel, paper, food and drink cut their emissions and energy costs.

The £12.4 million funding is part of the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund which has awarded grants to projects across the country to increase the energy efficiency of their operations.

A dairy company in Leicestershire is among the successful projects that will be supported.

As the production of cheese is an energy intensive process involving both heating and cooling activities, the Long Clawson Dairy has created a new thermal storage system, using high temperature heat pumps to reduce overall energy by 27% and saving 34% carbon emissions.

Graham Stuart, Minister at the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, said: “Boosting the energy efficiency of industrial processes is a critical step not only in our transition to a lower carbon economy, but also by helping businesses to cut their energy costs and protect valuable British jobs.

“That’s why the government has stepped in once again to support energy intensive industries, with a fresh funding round to unleash the next generation of green innovators who are re-shaping the way technology can reduce carbon emissions.”

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