Monday 13 February 2023

Big tree site appeal for UK, as clean drinking water wells established and carbon emissions prevented

Big tree site appeal for UK, as clean drinking water wells established and carbon emissions prevented

It means, overall, more than 920 tonnes of carbon will be prevented through drinking water wells and supporting renewable energy projects in 2023, including solar and wind power, as part of the water retailer’s additional action to reduce impacts on the planet.

An appeal for suggestions for tree planting sites in England and Scotland is also underway, as Water Plus looks to increase green canopy for communities and support biodiversity. Suggestions can be made for sites where some of the over 200 trees in 2023 available, could go - by emailing . Trees will be supplied for free to sites that they are allocated to.

Under the Cleaner Climate Promise, the water retailer will support projects each year that help the planet, such as removing carbon or preventing its release – or other innovative approaches to reduce impacts on natural resources. This included preventing 500 tonnes of CO2e through a range of approaches in 2022 and it’s working with Carbon Footprint again in 2023.

In steps to encourage more action by organisations, to help the environment, Water Plus is also supporting the Food and Drink Federation’s Environmental Leadership Award category in 2023 and working to raise awareness on how looking at water can help reduce carbon emissions, through its #BeWiseOnWater education information.

Barry McGovaney, Sustainability Lead and Innovation and Technology Manager at Water Plus, said: “Our Cleaner Climate Promise sees an increased focus to reduce emissions and cut carbon impacts we can all have each year – supporting the UK’s mission to Net Zero and beyond, alongside the wider water industry Net Zero commitment. The extra UK trees in 2023 are just one part of doing more for the planet and follows other action we took in 2022.

“The projects being supported in 2023 prevent COemissions from being caused today, decarbonising the electrical grid and helping the planet, under our approach for the Cleaner Climate Promise.

“We value the natural environment and natural resources and know the importance of trees to not only help manage surface water, amongst other benefits they bring, along with supporting natural habitats and the eco-system. We’re delivering on our commitment to the planet through the technical water services we provide, along with raising awareness around water waste and savings from efficiencies – whether it’s a small, or large, organisation.”

Suggestions for tree sites can also be sent by private message to Water Plus on their social media channels including LinkedIn and Twitter using the #NominateforTrees hashtag. Brief details on how planting would benefit the area should be included in emails, which should have the subject heading #NominateforTrees.

Water Plus will review all suggestions for tree-planting sites for the UK native broadleaf tree saplings, which would - if supplied - be in packs of 10.

Carbon Footprint Ltd are retiring Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) credits for 925 tonnes of CO2e, which have been prevented through Water Plus’s support of the renewable energy projects and supporting clean drinking water wells, in recognition of emissions linked to the water retailer. The VCS credits, that Carbon Footprint Ltd can provide, meet requirements under the BSi’s PAS 2060 guidance on carbon neutrality.

Water Plus was presented with four International Green Apple Environment Awards, including Gold for water management, in November 2022 for its work with its customers to increase water efficiency and raise awareness around cutting water waste. It follows the water retailer winning two National Sustainability awards in 2022, including Water Reduction, and a Green Apple Environment Award in 2021.

More on steps organisations can take to reduce water waste, reduce future running costs and lower Greenhouse Gas emissions under Scopes 1, 2 and 3, can be found on the Future Net Zero website at:  .

Tree-planting site suggestion information

*Water Plus will review all suggestions submitted by email to and through social media through messages on the Water Plus social media channels and consider how the sites might be suitable and involved in tree-planting. Suggestions for sites (on social media or be email to does not guarantee trees would be planted.

Sites chosen would receive trees from February 2023, or September 2023, depending on when suggestions are made and reviewed - in time for the planting seasons, including the one that runs to March 2024. The trees from Water Plus would be provided through Carbon Footprint.

Trees provided would be native broad leaf varieties (excluding Ash, due to Ash dieback). Although the trees wouldn’t be able to be used for offsetting carbon emissions, they would create more natural habitats in the grounds of sites and increase green canopy and shade for people using public sector sites during the warmer weather in the future. Trees can be planted around 1 metre apart, or closer to form hedging/hedges. Photos of the planted trees at a location would need to be provided to Water Plus for external use across their channels.

**The 925 tonnes of CO2e have already been prevented by Water Plus supporting the renewable energy projects in 2023. Safe Water projects in Ethiopia and Uganda have been supported in 2023, preventing carbon emissions as less wood needs to be burnt to boil water to make it clean to drink.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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